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Kasidie.com is Now the 3rd Largest Swingers Website in the World, Fast Growth for the 14-Month Old Company

LAS VEGAS, NV, March 09, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Just 14 months since launching, Kasidie.com has grown to become the 3rd largest swingers website in the world. The rankings, per Alexa.com, which shows the global popularity of websites, are:

Mainstream (for comparison):
Google.com - 1
Facebook.com - 2
Adultfriendfinder.com - 244 (although this site caters to the sexually adventurous, the majority of people we know in the swinger community do not consider AFF to be a swingers website)

Swinger Website Rankings: (site and global Alexa ranking)
1. Swinglifestyle.com - 8,947
2. Swingersdateclub (SDC.com) - 18,237
3. Kasidie.com - 49,993
4. LifestyleLounge.com - 55,610
5. Swappernet.com - 76,833 (part of the Ashley Madison family)
6. - 100. There are hundreds of other small swingers dating sites, mostly regional competitors with Alexa rankings from 89,000 to over 500,000.

"We are extremely proud of this accomplishment," said Scott Purcell, President of Kasidie.com, "as it reflects the how the market has received the product and features we built."

"Truth be told, we had an unfair advantage," noted Greg Elgort, co-founder and CTO, "since we built the social network from scratch we were able to use tools and technology that simply didn't exist when our legacy competitors put their dating sites together."

The company's plan is to supplant AFF in the Alexa rankings. Which, according to management, is based in their desire to have what they consider to be a socially-focused swingers website in the mainstream. With an estimated 150 million people worldwide who live a consensually non-monogamous lifestyle, as swinging becomes more and more accepted it's important for Kasidie.com to be at the forefront as a gateway to the swinging lifestyle.

To date the company has grown primarily through word of mouth and an aggressive swinger club relations program. Also, Nicoleta and Scott, the company founders, have come "out" and appeared on Tyra Banks, PlayboyTV, TLC, various radio shows, and print media. "We're only getting started," said Mr. Purcell, as Kasidie continues to develop new features, new applications, and social functionality for swingers along with the industry's only integrated affiliate program.About Kasidie.com

Created by swingers, http://www.kasidie.com is a unique social community and dating website devoted to the swinging lifestyle. The site has extensive swinger profiles, hundreds of real party listings, travel postings, and club descriptions catering to the global population of 150 million-plus sexually adventurous, non-monogamous couples, singles and groups.

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